Sunday, September 14, 2008

Terrorism on Our Doorstep

Guess what I got with my Sunday paper? A terrorism DVD, thanks to the Orlando Sentinel.

The DVD, titled "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West," was delivered to millions of readers across the nation this Sunday, according to Editor & Publisher. Apparently, the Miami Herald, the Orlando Sentinel and other papers in Florida delivered the DVD to readers of the Sunday edition. In all, about 28 million copies will be delivered in September.

This smacks of yellow journalism to me, even if the paper(s) had no hand in the DVD production. Allowing these folks to piggyback on newspaper distribution systems puts them in bed with the creators of this movie. Seems rather exploitive of readers to me.

To paraphrase Sarah Palin, "Thanks, but no thanks." I don't want the paper to use me in this way. The creators of this DVD are all but in bed with one of the presidential candidates. The DVD is being used to incite our emotions.

I won't be opening this DVD. It's going straight to the trash.

If you'd like to complain call the Orlando Sentinel at 407.420.5000 or write to the editor at 633 N. Orange Ave., Orlando , FL 32801


Anonymous said...


Obviously the DVD was paid advertising. Advertising that's trying to help a dying industry survive a little bit longer. Do with it what I do to the spadia ads wrapping the front them off and throw them out.

No one is forcing you to watch the DVD. Just as no one is forcing me to watch the msm's biased coverage of this election. There's always the OFF button on the remote.

Anonymous said...

Maria and the previous anonymous:
Of course no one is forcing you to watch the DVD and frankly, I do not know how long this dying industry is going to survive. Of course, we must take advantage of every wrapper we can get for this mullet that is starting to stink.
As for msm's biased coverage... well, guess where the movie was originally bored...cast?: FOX news.
I have now set my remote to skip Fox. And right now, I do not even subscribe to any newspapers.
And you can guess who I am not voting for.