Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sun-Sentinel to print PB Post

As if declining circulation and plumetting profit weren't bad enough, now newspaper folks also have to worry about other newspapers taking over parts of their business and eliminating good jobs.

That's what is going to happen in South Florida when the Sun-Sentinel begins printing the Palm
Beach Post, the Palm Beach Daily News and the Spanish-language paper La Palma in December.

The move eliminates 300 jobs in the Post's prouduction, mailroom and transportation areas. Apparently, the Post's presses are very old and need to be replaced. It sounds as if the arrangement may be temporary, until new equipment comes on line. But it doesn't seem as if this sort of expansion is prudent at this time or is in the offing.

This further strengthens the cozy relationship newspapers in South Florida are developing. If you recall, the Sun-Sentinel, Post and the Herald agreed earlier to share certain content.

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