Monday, April 27, 2009

Missing Persons File

A reader sent this link to an Orlando Sentinel "careers" video that apparently is on the newspaper Web site. The clip is supposed to demonstrate what a great place to work the Orlando Sentinel is. However, it's outdated.

The point of the clip now would be, how many people can you count who no longer have "careers" with the paper? I counted six or seven, but there could be more. This is a little like finding the hidden shapes or objects in a photo or illustration. Click on the link below to find out how many you can spot.


Anonymous said...

I love how they show all of the employees playing games and cheering. Not anymore. The misery that breeds inside that filthy dingy building is so depressing.

Anonymous said...

There is a number of people featured in this video who have left or downsized from the the paper since this was posted. I took count to around 10. There are whole areas that no longer exist that are featured in this video.