Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tribune Asks Court for $13M in Bonus Money

Tribune Co. has asked the bankruptcy court for permission to award $13 million in bonuses to certain employees, even as more newspaper employees are being shown the door across the country, according to a story in the Chicago Tribune.

About 670 managerial employees are to benefit for doing such a great job of escorting people to their cars, with average payments of $18,000.

Payments are expected to total $12.2 million, while another $1 million in bonuses appears to be up in the air.

Meanwhile, another 70 employees may get about $2.5 million in severance payments that is owed to them, which sounds like a decent move.

The Delaware bankruptcy court is expected to rule on the motions during a May 12 court hearing.

I've been thinking more and more that the real pirates are not in Somalia, but here in the United States running the free (hah!) enterprise system.

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