Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Advice for the Sentinel

Criticism of the Orlando Sentinel redesign continues to pour in. This is what a posting at Brass Tacks Design, titled "Advice for Orlando," had to say:

“Cosmetic redesigns are a waste of time of money. In contrast, content-driven redesigns can be powerful catalysts for positive, substantive changes to newsroom culture, but only when they transcend superficial changes to fonts, color palettes and grids. . . . If Orlando's redesign fails, it won't be because it went too far . . . It will fail because it didn't go far enough.”

To read the full post, visit http://www.brasstacksdesign.com/orlando_sentinel_redesign.htm


Anonymous said...

Well, I think what will ultimately do the Sentinel in is the fact that it's white American readership is now fed up with all the Hispanic stories and we will no longer purchase subscriptions to it. We don't need to be told how wonderful Hispanics are every week in assinine poorly written articles done by Hispanic reporters who have fled Miami. We live with these people, know the truth, and see the massive negative impact they have had on this region.

It's bad enough that everyday here all we see and here is Spanish and Puerto Rican flags flying everywhere, we sure don't need to have it pushed in our faces every other day by the Sentinel as well.

Anonymous said...

If all the bitterness in this world were cut by half, there would still be enough remaining hate to burn a hole through steel.
Here's hoping that the bitter person who said the above experiences something better soon.

Anonymous said...

Well actually living in the Kissimme/Orlando area for any amount of time will make most transplanted white educated suburbanites enraged.

Enraged to see how in a matter of ten years the Puerto Ricans have totally and completely turned Kissimmee from a once peaceful "cow town" into an urban/Latin ghetto full of crime, drugs, gangs, violence, and utter decay.

Their total blatant disrepect and disdain for America, Americans, it's culture, and it's history is something no other ethnic group has ever shown in the history of our Nation to the extent that Puerto Ricans do. They outright refuse to asimiliate, learn our language, or embrace any aspect of being American. Evryone of them will tell you they hope to return to Puerto Rico someday.

They all proclaim how "proud" (Mi Orgullo)they are of their heritage and celebrate it every chance they get, but their own island is a crime, drug, gang, and AIDS infested little slice of hell on earth. Over 800 murders last year in Puerto Rico. That's really something to have "Orgullo" about.

So over the past ten years masses of Puerto Ricans living in the ghettos of Camden, Newark, Philly, Passiac, Brooklyn, etc, and their own lovely third-world ghetto island have all migrated to Central Florida, and with them they brought all their usual vices of substance abuse/dsitribution, crime, violence, gangs, etc.

They have turned Kissimmee into just another one of their gypsy ghettos and forced all the decent people to flee -which is why even Disney can no longer find American employees to work for them anymore.

It's really hard to find anything nice about what Puerto Ricans have done to Central Florida. There is no postive effect of their invasion, only negative.

Anonymous said...

When you take people who were born and raised in ghettos with little education or class and put them in a suburban environment, then lifestyles and philosophies are bound to clash. Just look at the ghetto that is now Poinciana, or Buena Ventura Lakes, or any number of places around Central Florida that have been overrun with Hispanics and see for yourself the end result of thier influence. Just look at what they have done to Miami, because basically that is the fast approaching future Central Florida is facing -if we aren't already there with the 320% increase in crime over the past five years.

So yeah, as a born and bred multi-generational American who ancestors came her to be Americans and contribute positively to this Country, I take offense at what these Hispanics are doing to my Country. Their arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand. They are as stupid as they are brazen.

Every Sentinel article about Hispanics leaves you walking away with the same conclusion: If tehy just learned to speak, read, and write English, 90% of their probelms woudl be solved, but because they are so defiantly arrogant/ignorant they refuse to whichis why 95% of them are working low wage retail, service industry, or theme park jobs.