Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lift Every Voice

Want to voice your opinion to Tribune? There is now a link to a survey you can take that gauges Tribune employees' interest in gathering to discuss changes at the company. Follow the Yellow Brick Road: And remember, keep it clean!


rknil said...

Thanks for posting the link.

I received a stream of early responses, but they have since tapered off.

The consensus so far seems to be for gatherings at several sites, rather than just one. For that to happen, I need many, many more responses, as well as people willing to coordinate these gatherings. I can be in only two or three places at the same time. ;)

rknil said...

I created another survey where people can share their stories about things that have happened in the newsroom. It's here:

rknil said...

I'm going to close the first survey sometime in the next couple of days.

Frankly, the number of responses has been low. Even if all of the people who support the effort were to show up, the group would be too small to make much of an impression.

In short, unless someone can convince me otherwise, I am going to assume the idea of a gathering is a dead issue.