Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Book of the Shafted

Who all has left the Orlando Sentinel thus far? I had not seen a good list until I came across one at http://www.tellzell.com/. The list is long and shameful. And not just because I'm in it - twice! The centuries of collected newsgathering wisdom and humor contained in the list is painful. Not everyone on the list has left the business entirely. Some have moved on to other dinosaurs, I mean newspapers who are dead and don't know it yet or are dying a s-l-o-w death. Some people don't belong on the list because they are not newsroom people. I have taken the delightful liberty of editing them out. Fuera! Fuera!

If you know of others who should be on the list, please leave your comment. If there are names who are not newsroom people, please help me off with their heads! Here's the list:

Carrie Alexander Scott Andera • Mark Andrews Melissa Angle • Elaine Aradillas • John Babinchak • Steve Barnes • Alex Beasley Caralyn Bess • Marie Blom • Jay Boyar • Lisa Bridges • Laura Brost • Matthew Hay Brown • Peter Brown • Bill Buchalter • Ron Bush • Jim Buynak • Mike Cabbage • Alicia Caldwell • Ramsey Campbell • Ken Clarke • Bobby Coker • William Couch Autumn Cruz • Bob Curran • Dave Curtis • Christine Dellert Tameesha Desangles • Stephanie Duesing Cristina Elias • Jane Eto • Mike Etzkin • Sara Fajardo • Dana Fasano • Trevor Fraser • Shweta Gamble Barry Glenn • Judy Grimsley • Greg Groeller • Sarah Hale-Meitner Melissa Harris • David Heeren Don Hey Ed Hinton • Sean Holton • Sean Holton • April Hunt • Nancy Imperiale • Terry Irwin • Sara Isaac • Bruce Isphording • Dean Johnson • Ryan Johnson • Gene Kruckmeyer • Sarah Langbein • Laurie Lawrence • Andrea Lentz • Paul Lester • Denise Lewis • Jennifer Lewis • Jeff Libby • Mick Lochridge • Brad Logan • Larry Lopez • Rick Maese • Rebecca Mahoney Sylvia Martin • Alex Marvez • Sean Mussenden • Reggie Myers • Loraine O’Connell • Lynn Osgood • Sherri Owens • Todd Pack Becky Panoff • Gary Peach Robert Perez Manning Pynn • Ray Quintanilla • John Raoux • Gail Rayos Kristen Reed • Carol Rhodes • Tim Rivers • Lisa Roberts • Jon Rodeheffer • Roger Roy • Javier Ruiz • Pedro Ruz Guitierrez • Eric Saegebarth • Jeff Schnick • Gwyneth Shaw • Chris Sherman Jack Snyder • Snyder Snyder • Joe Sollaccio Matt Steinhoff • Shan Stumpf • Erin Sullivan • Michelle Tevis Jim Toner Tammie Wersinger • Keith Wheeler • Susan Whigham • Don Wilson


Portd032 said...

Maria, I love it!!!!
By the way my daughter started a Sentinel blog (no kidding) amazingshrinkingorlandosentinel.blogspot.com

--- David Porter

Anonymous said...

Hi, Maria! Just noticed that my name was listed on TellZell.com -- and, therefore, here -- but I'm really not sure I should be named in the Book of the Shafted. I quit the Sentinel in February 2005, a little before the cutting began.

-- Todd Pack (Orlando Sentinel, May 2007-February 2005)

Anonymous said...

Uh, that should say May 1997-February 2005. I regret the error.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria!
I just noticed, like Todd, that was my name was on here, too. I don't really feel I was shafted, thankfully, either ... I quit in December 2005 to take s job closer to my family in Tuscaloosa.
I hope you are doing OK!
Shweta Gamble (Orlando Sentinel July 2004-Dec. 2005)