Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Orlando Sentinel Doesn't Own the News

The hyper loco folks at the Orlando Sentinel are also becoming hyper paranoids. I have heard from many of you in these last few days. One of the most disturbing emails talked about the level of deceit practiced by the top editors in not putting out a list of who's going or gone. Not wanting to put things down on paper because they don't want this news to appear in print, online, anytime. Not wanting to report to the public in its very own pages the extent of the bloodshed, its effect on the paper, staff and general mayhem.

Everybody is being lied to, folks are saying. Readers, advertisers, staff. Wow.

This is not hard to believe because I hear from others -- presumably editors -- who write in chilling tones. They think The Shafted are deadwood, past their prime or never all there anyway and the Sentinel is better off without them. They hold the staff in complete contempt. (Nice folks, these guys.) They insist this is none of my business.

Well, whose business is it?
Is it not the public's business when the only daily newspaper in town is shrinking at an amazing rate?
Is it not the public's concern that the only daily newspaper in town may not be able to adequately cover the community?
Oh, and isn't it ironic that the newspaper that pokes its nose in everybody's business doesn't want anybody to poke their nose in 633 North Orange Ave.?

So much for the virtues of a free press and blah, blah, blah.

Get a grip, folks. The Orlando community has a right to know. Isn't this an example of hyper loco coverage?

The Orlando Sentinel doesn't own the news. Get used to it.

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nancy said...

amen sister. everybody gets a voice now. welcome, brave new world!