Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Final Words

Mike Griffin, deputy editorial page editor at the Orlando Sentinel, sent out this memo to the newsroom before leaving the paper this week. In all the people whom Griffin thanked, there's one name that is conspicuous for its absence -- Jane Healy, former editorial page editor. Ouch!

From: Griffin, Mike
Sent: Mon 7/14/2008 10:04 AM
To: OSC DL Editorial
Subject: Thanks

To my friends and colleagues,

I'm not a good enough writer to express the emotions I'm feeling. I'll just say
it has been an honor to work for my hometown newspaper for 23 years and I'm
proud to have been associated with the great journalists here. We've
accomplished a lot together.

I want to thank my co-workers on one of the most innovative Editorial Boards in
the country - Paul Owens, Dixie Tate, Mike Murphy, Dana Summers, George Diaz and
Sean Pitts.

You may have noticed over the last couple of years that I spent a lot of time in
the newsroom for an editorial writer. It's because I love the place and the
people who work here.

Yes, even Mike Thomas.

If you get the chance to work a story with Mary Shanklin, Jim Leusner, Dan
Tracy, Jay Hamburg, Hanque Curtis or Jeff Kunerth grab it. You will be inspired.
I also want to thank Charlotte Hall, Ann Hellmuth, Bob Shaw, Sal Recchi, Dana
Eagles and Greg Miller for all the confidence they've shown in me over the

So it's time to for me to change careers. I earned a master's degree in the
human condition on a scholarship from the Orlando Sentinel. I had a great run in
a great business. I'm leaving on my own terms, at a time of my choosing.

You can't go out any better than that.

(NOTE TO SHANKLIN: This proves I can make it through a memo without making a
sappy baseball reference.)


Anonimo en Orlando said...

I also noticed that Mark Russell, Managing Editor was also missing from the editors he thanked.

nancy said...

this is a smug letter. you left on your own terms? y'mean, like how scarlett o'hara left atlanta?

gimme a break, grif. you always wanted to be editor. sorry it didn't work out.