Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The More Things Change ...

With the Sentinel shrinking at an alarming rate, who is left and what are they doing? Here's a sneak peek at the new and improved Sentinel:

Dana Eagles ... investigations editor, though apparently still in charge of recruiting and staff development. Why bother?

Heather McPherson, food editor, also will be restaurant reviewer after Scott Joseph took a buyout.

Jay Hamburg to cover religion and elder affairs.

Bonita Burton, assistant managing editor of graphics/presentations, to deputy managing editor for presentations. That's a promotion, folks.

Steve Doyle, new content development, took a buyout. Exit date is end of August.

Ann Hellmuth, front page editor and all-around editor when the poohbahs are traveling or absent, which is often, took a buyout. Exit date is end of August.

Pure scuttlebut: Doyle and Hellmuth have to wait 'till end of August to leave because the editor and managing editor want to take a vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Did all those with new responsibilities and new titles get raises?