Friday, July 25, 2008

Gag Order

I read a story in the Wall Street Journal a couple weeks ago about how Purdue University in Indiana had come down hard on either a student or employee for -- reading a book! The book was about the KKK's history in Indiana. Apparently, somebody was offended and the university police went off.

It's ridiculous, of course, that a university would censor anyone on campus for reading, of all things. But some newspapers are doing something similar in asking (or is it demanding?) that staffers getting the ax sign an agreement not to talk about the newspaper.


Romenesko reported (based on a report on a blog, titled Creative Loafing) that the Atlanta Journal Constitution (where about 85 editorial employees are getting the ax) was asking its lame-duck employees to sign a "no disparaging the newspaper" agreement.

Wow. The so-called defenders of the truth have sunk real low by stuffing a sock in their employees' mouths. Imagine if another industry were doing this and a newspaper got wind of it.

Inquiring minds would like to know if Tribune is asking employees to sign a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil and definitely speak-no-evil pact two minutes before they're shoved out the door.


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Anonymous said...

chicago tribune employees are being told that they'll have to sign such a document if they're laid off and want a severance.

of course, no one's officially been laid off yet, so there's no concrete evidence. but that's what has been said.