Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Final Days

Thanks to a little leg work and good sources (thank you, all!), this is a list of people who are being shoved out the door this week. And let's not quibble: a buyout is just a euphemism for losing your job. It's not like you have a lot of choice in the matter.

I can't vouch that it's 100 percent accurate, but I think it's on the mark based on a repetition of names from different sources. The people on this list by no means represent all the people who soon will be unemployed. My understanding is that there will be "rolling" layoffs (truly a bad word to describe what is happening). In the next couple of weeks there will be more terminations.

Here in no particular order is the Book of the Shafted, Chapter 2 (although I think it's really Chapter 3 and possibly Chapter 4, if you include earlier departures).

John Kennedy, Tallahassee bureau chief
Jim Leusner/Orlando
Tammy Lytle, Washington bureau
Maya Bell, Miami
Mark Pinsky, religion writer/ Orlando
Scott Joseph, restaurant critic/ Orlando
Michael Murphy, Op/Ed/ Orlando
Dixie Tate, Letters page/ Orlando
Mike Griffin, editorial page/Orlando -- He's going to Disney World!
Bob Shaw, editor/ Orlando
Harry Wessel/ Orlando
Mary Ann Horne, business/Orlando
Chris Boyd, business/Orlando
Caludia Zequeria/ Orlando
Babita Persaud/ Orlando
Tim Povtak/ Orlando
Kimberly Calhoun/Orlando
Tom Barnes, multimedia/Orlando
Dee Gugel

People who left earlier for whatever reason:
Tanya Caldwell
Paul Lester
Sara Fajardo
Steve Barnes
Ed Sackett
Dave Curtis
Melissa Maxwell
Lonny Knabel
Kimberly Calhoun

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lhoppes said...

You have a mistake: sportswriter Tania Ganguli is not on the list to leave the Sentinel.