Saturday, July 19, 2008

More People in the Hereafter

It's getting crowded here!

Here are the names of more ex Sentinels who are gainfully employed in non newspaper jobs. Keep those names coming.

Grant Heston, UCF News and Information

Christine Dellert, UCF News and Information

Phaedra Pohl, Universal Studios

Lisa Bridges, Disney World

Jane Catalano, Disney World

Peter Brown, Quinnipiac polling


S. Mullis said...

It should be noted that several of the people listed here and the previous list left willingly and chose to go to their new jobs, even before job cuts were announced.

Maria Padilla said...

The point of this post is that ex Sentinels can find gainful employment after leaving the paper.

Anonymous said...

And it should be pointed out that because of the opportunities that we were given at the Sentinel - we were able to find employment elsewhere. We got out on our own, not the Sentinel managers telling us to leave.

Anonymous said...

I see my name on the list of" More People in the Hereafter" and I will say this. The Sentinel taught me how to work hard and exceed standards. The qualities that helped me get where I am today. I thank OS for the fact that if you can work for the leanest, meanest machine in O-town you can handle anything that comes your way. We left on our own terms and earned the new jobs we received.

Maria Padilla said...

I exceeded standards each year I was at the Sentinel, some years superlatively so. You may or may not recall, I launched the Spanish language weekly paper with a teeny tiny staff. The Sentinel was one of five newspapers I worked at during my newspaper career. I learned a great deal at each paper and for that I am grateful. No two papers were alike. They had their strengths and flaws, including the Sentinel.